Academic Credibility

A good academic paper or presentation should be coherent, verifiable, convincing and clear.

Your paper has to have academic credibility. This means that it is not enough to just state your opinion about a certain topic or question in the paper. You have to make a clear and well-structured argument that supports the point you want to make.


You have to show the reader how you get from A to B. State your arguments and make it clear how the structure of your reasoning and research results leads you to your final conclusion.

Scribo can help you process you ideas and structure your research in order to secure coherence in your paper.


In principle, it has to be possible for the reader to trace your statements and argumentation back to the original sources. Therefore, it is important to include quotes and source references in your academic paper.

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Below, a professor from the Faculty of Arts at Aarhus University give advice about writing citations in a Danish academic context.


In order to make your paper valid as an academic document, you have to state arguments both for and against the point you want to make. That is a way of showing the reader that your results are based on a thorough analysis.

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It is important to use clear and understandable language in your academic paper. Be precise and concise, and explain the terminology you use.