PhD Project Descriptions

When applying for admission to a PhD degree programme at the Faculty of Arts, you need to write a project description. You must also meet certain formal requirements.

The most important part of the application for admission to a PhD degree programme at the Faculty of Arts is your own project description. The project description explains the research project you propose to conduct as a PhD student in some detail.

Read about presenting your idea for a PhD project.

In addition, you should consider expanding and using your network in the application process to get valuable feedback on early drafts of the application. 

Requirements and programmes

The Graduate School of Arts offers two degree programmes. It might interest you that one of the programmes is aimed at students who have not yet completed a Master’s degree.

In the video below, an international PhD student explains why she thinks it is so important to be informed about the faculty’s PhD degree structure before applying.

The content of this page was written by Charlotte Albrechtsen, Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, Arts, Aarhus University, and Tine Wirenfeldt Jensen.