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About AU Studypedia

You can use AU Studypedia to build academic skills on all levels of your university education.

AU Studypedia is an academic study tool you can use when writing assignments, searching for sources and in relation to other working methods that form part of studying. AU Studypedia offers advice, inspiration og exercises.

AU Studypedia contains information on:

Who can use AU Studypedia?

AU Studypedia's predecessor The Study Metro was designed for international students at the Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University. However, all students are welcome to use AU Studypedia. Students from other faculties and universities may find a lot of the element useful. 

The contents of AU Studypedia are to be regarded as advice, not instructions. Remember to check with your own department and your supervisor to see if there are special rules or demands that you have to meet.

Download a presentation about Studypedia here (pdf-format). 

More about AU Studypedia

AU Studypedia is an English version of the Danish website with the same name, which was created by Tine Wirenfeldt Jensen as Studiemetroen in 2002 with a program by Hypergenic. Iris Galili helped create the English version in 2007. It is not a direct translation of the Danish site. Some of the content only exists in the English version, while some themes are more elaborated on in the Danish version.

AU Studypedia is maintained and developed by the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, Arts, Aarhus University.



Contribution to AU Studypedia

Do you have a study tip that is too good to not share with others? Or are you missing any content at AU Studypedia? We are always looking for new material and useful content, so please write a message to us.

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