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Academic Argumentation

Science is the creation of knowledge. To ensure the quality of nye knowledge, there are some frameworks and norms to take into account.

In Science, new knowledge or new perceptions of existing knowledge are produced.Nye. This is done, for example, by making descriptions of new or hitherto unexplored phenomena, Nye existing understandings or by criticizing and perhaps even refuting the previous knowledge.

Creating knowledge that can be recognized by other “scientists” requires scientific and academic work. This is how the knowledge created is validated.

To work academically and scientifically
Being a student at the university is therefore largely about learning how to work scientifically and academically in one's subject. One must learn scientific method, academic norms and academic genre.

Therefore, in your assignments, you must show that you understand the scientific framework of the type of assignment you are writing. You do this by knowing the academic genre and academic language, and especially by arguing academically.