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Searching for information when writing papers

When you are preparing to write a paper at university, you may have a lot of questions:  

  • When should I start searching for sources and information to use in my paper?   

  • How many sources do I need?   

  • How do I know when I have found what I need?  

And of course, you also have to follow the formal and subject-specific requirements for the specific assignment you are working on. And you also need to use an appropriate amount of literature / information to fulfil your research question, which can be hard to judge at the outset. Searching for information is a process. As you read and learn more about your topics, your information search needs may change.   

AU Library is your university library

AU Library is part of Royal Danish Library which means that you have access to a wealth of materials as a student at AU. To get access to the library system you need to set up a user account

You can access materials online via AU Library's electronic resources no matter where you are. And you can borrow hardcopy books from the branch libraries at AU. The library staff will be happy to help you find your way around the various resources and sources that you can use. 

The libraries have lots of different facilities that you can use, such as group rooms, book scanners and printers.