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At AU you will find a lot of support that might be relevant to you during your studies. You are responsible for finding and contacting the different offers. If you are unsure whether you are asking in the wrong place or whether it applies to you, remember that it is always better to ask and get pointed in the right direction.

The list below may help you on your way:

AU Career

Supervisor in relation to combining studying and work life. Strengthen students ' ability to build up career competences through labour-market knowledge, competence awareness and job search tools.

AU Elite

Guide to combining Elite sports and study

AU Helpline

AU Helpline is an organisation founded by students at Aarhus University with an interest in improving the university environment by directly initiating interviews at eye level. They want to benefit from each other's support across the university and thereby try to relieve some of the challenges that students experience during their studies.

AU Jobbank

At the AU jobbank you can search for relevant jobs and projects. You can create your personal profile, subscribe to relevant job postings and use the site to expose yourself to attractive employers.

AU Library

Guide to information searches and reference management. AU Library also offers subject-specific supervision of subject specialists.

AU Studypedia

AU Studypedia is a study tool that guides you around the academic side of your student life. Here, you can read about different reading techniques, about working in groups, good advice on writing assignments, scientific knowledge and literature searches.


Elite Sport strengthens the opportunity for elite athletes to pursue their athletic ambitions without losing the opportunity for education and a career alongside sport.


AU entrepreneurs strengthen the possibility that students will be able to test entrepreneurial ambitions and develop their own business concurrently with their education.

Special Educational Support

At special educational support, you can get information and guidance on support for students with functional impairments.

Student Associations

Choose from AU's many student associations if you would like to be active alongside your studies.

The Student Chaplains

The student chaplains offers the opportunity to have a conversation with a priest regarding anything that might be relevant during your time as a student. The offer is free and you can be anonymous. Everyone is welcome, regardless of faith or cultural background. Furthermore, the student chaplains facilitates different group sessions and social events.

The Students Council

A political actor who acts as the students ' voice, both internally at Aarhus University and in the general public debate. The student council offers a wide range of services, including Denmark's largest Friday Bar and Sports Day, study FAIR, study calendar, courses, legal aid and a student handbook.

Student Counselling Service

Student Counselling Service are experts in short-term therapy for students on higher education.

Student Guidance Counsellors

The Student Guidance Counsellors can provide you with answers to practical questions about general and subject-specific rules that affect your course of study, as well as providing you with the academic supervision of your study programme. You can also ask questions of a more personal grade such as your doubts about your studies and your well-being on your studies.

The Danish Students' Grants and Loans Scheme (SU) Office

Administration and guidance on SU questions.

Boost Your Student Life

An online resource that you can use if you need a helping hand in connection with your well-being on the programme.

We say no

Have you experienced harassment or discrimination? AU encourages you to say no to offensive behaviour

Do you have any other needs or challenges that are not covered by the above counselling services at Aarhus University? Here you can see other offers, which you can also contact: Other external services

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AU jobbank

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