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About Studypedia

About AU Studypedia

You can use AU Studypedia to build academic skills on all levels of your university education.

AU Studypedia is a study tool that guides you around the academic side of student life. AU Studypedia is a contraction of the words "Study" and "Encyclopedia" and is therefore an encyclopedia or reference work about studying. The content of the website has been developed in collaboration with researchers, learning consultants and librarians.


Inspiration for your study practice

At Aarhus University there are approximately 40,000 students and about as many different ways of being a student. Our mission is not to tell you how to study, and we do not offer any miracle cures. On the other hand, we would like to show you examples of some of the many different ways you can approach the academic side of your student life. We therefore hope that you will use AU Studypedia as inspiration for your own study practice and find out along the way what works particularly well for you.


Who can use AU Studypedia?

The content is aimed at students at Aarhus University, but everyone is welcome to use AU Studypedia. As a student, however, it is important to remember that the content of the page should be perceived as suggestions and not injunctions, as there may be special rules on your education and the individual subjects. Orient yourself in your curriculum or talk to your teacher or supervisors about the rules and requirements for your education.


The editorial team behind AU Studypedia

Behind AU Studypedia

AU Studypedia is based at Centre for Educational Development (CED) ved Aarhus Universitet in close collaboration with Båndet for vejledning og studieinformation (VEST). The material about information search is developed by AU Library. The editors are:

  • Pernille Risør Elving (projektleder og redaktør, CED)
  • Simone Brendstrup Søndergaard (faglig redaktør, CED)
  • Mads Schrøder Haagensen (redaktør, CED)
  • Lena Pradhan (redaktør, VEST)
  • Lærke Færch Ussing (redaktør, VEST)
  • Charlotte Møller Nygaard (redaktør, VEST) (på barsel)
  • Nina Borgbjerg Møller (redaktør, VEST)

AU Studypedia is formerly known as Studiemetro, which was developed in 2002 by Tine Wirenfeldt Jensen, but in 2017 was redesigned and further developed into AU Studypedia with new design, structure and content by Anders Hjortskov Larsen, Pernille Risør Elving and Pernille Ellehage.

How to quote from AU Studypedia

When quoting from Studypedia, follow rules for citing digital sources.

A reference to a digital source must contain at least the following information: author (Year/latest update), title (if applicable), date of publication. edition), localized (date of visit) on URL.

Since it is the Centre for Educational Development, Aarhus University, that is behind the content of the website, you must give the centre as the author, unless it says on the current page or content element that it has been prepared by a specific person.

Articles about AU Studypedia

Contributions to AU Studypedia

Do you have a study tip that is too good not to share with others? Or are you missing some content on AU Studypedia?

We are always looking for new material and useful content, so please write us a message.

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