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Have you developed efficient techniques to cope with the course syllabus, ensuring that you not only read the material, but also understand and remember it? 

A lot of your work going through the syllabus takes place outside the classroom. Good preparation makes it easier to take an active part in class and it supports your learning. However, preparation often requires a massive amount of reading, and texts are often complex and challenging. 

To make the most of your preparation time and your reading, it can be useful to develop a reading strategy to help you target your reading and optimise the conditions for understanding and remembering. Writing good notes will also support your understanding and your memory. You don’t have to write everything down; only the most essential stuff. Try different techniques to find out what works best for you. You’ll thank yourself at the exam. 

Individual preferences 

Selecting the most appropriate study strategies is very much a matter of personal preference, so you’ll have to try out different strategies and find out what works best for you. Share your experience with your fellow students and draw inspiration from each other.