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Writing you academic paper

How to avoid getting stuck when writing university assignments

Writing an assignment involves all stages of the writing process: from finding an interesting and relevant topic, to formulating your problem and reviewing your finished text. A good writing process will support your thought process and help you avoid getting stuck along the way. 

To write a good assignment, it is important not only to focus on the content of your assignment, but also on the writing process itself. Once you become familiar with your own way of working and writing, you may feel more at ease and in control when writing an assignment. 

Make mistakes 

Remember that it’s okay to make mistakes. A good writing process is something you develop over time. You will often have to try out many different methods before you find out what suits you and your work process best. By working consciously on your writing process during your time as a university student, you will build up a "toolbox" containing exactly the tools that are right for you. This will help you choose a topic, produce text and build up a stringent problem statement when writing assignments.