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Visual materials 

This page provides guidelines on how to use images in your assignment. 

For some assignments, you can insert images and illustrations if you use them in your analysis or refer to them in some other way. As a general rule, the image should follow the text, i.e. you should not include an image that you do not write about in the text. 

Like figures, tables, etc, all images should have a number/letter so it is easy to refer to them later in the assignment. 

Example: Consequently, the stakeholder plays an important role in the system (see Image 3, p. 24). 

Reproductions of images and sculptures must be accompanied by information about: 

  • the artist, title, year (if unknown, write "n.d." = no date), size (images: height x width) and material. 

You may also include information about the physical location of the work, and the photographer. 

Architectural reproductions must be accompanied by information about: 

  • the architect, title, year and location. 

For other illustrations, include the information relevant in the given context. 

Examples of captions: 

(text marked in bold is mandatory information) 

C. W. Eckersberg: The Nathanson Family, 1818. 126 x 172 cm. Oil on canvas. 

The National Gallery of Denmark 

Christian Lemmerz: Scene, 1993-94 Variable size, installation with pig carcasses, 

display cases, blood and metal mirrors. Photo: Esbjerg Art Museum. Reproduction from: Lennart Gottlieb: 

Skandaler, 1999, Aarhus Art Museum, p. 101 

Notre Dame Cathedral (Western façade), 1163-1250, Paris. 

Photographer unknown. Graffiti at subway station in New York, n.d. 

The information on this page is based on a publication on tips and formal requirements for written assignments at Art History, Aesthetics & Culture and Museology, published by the board of studies at the Department of Art History, Aarhus University.


The information about formalities is general guidelines. They do not replace the provisions in your academic regulations, your lecturers ' guidance or information on your course's website. First, please contact the above-mentioned locations. If in doubt, ask your supervisor.