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Slides along with a Recorded Presentation

You can record your presentation by going through your slides one by one, while taping the presentation. Make sure to prepare your points in advance, thereby avoiding meandering and an excessively long video. You can alternatively record yourself on a videoconferencing system, while sharing your slide show.

If you want to use a black-/whiteboard during your presentation, you can alternatively point your camera and microphone in a direction to include this in the picture. This solution requires a good camera with a view of the presentation as well as a really good microphone.

For more information, see video recordings at AU Studypedia here: video recordings.

Best Practices on Making a Slideshow along with a Recorded Presentation

Plan Ahead

  • Be prepared before you start your recording by getting acquainted with the software you plan to use, so that nothing will come as a surprise while you are making your recording.

  • Make at least one test run, and practice your presentation and timing, so you avoid spending too little time on some things while too long on others.


  • If possible, always use headphones with a microphone instead of your computer’s built in audio input. This will reduce the background noise and improve your audio quality. If possible, use an external microphone.


  • Make sure to record in a room with as little background noise as possible. Consider whether you can minimise any noises that may occur from you moving your chair or typing on a keypad when changing slides during your presentation.