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What is the best way to abbreviate individual words in an academic assignment?

If you use abbreviations (for example: i.a., etc. or e.g.) in your assignment, it is important that you:

  • are consistent (abbreviate words in the same way throughout the assignment).
  • abbreviate correctly - use a dictionary or a relevant style guide to check rules for abbreviations.
  • explain any homemade abbreviations the first time you use them.

Before using an abbreviation: Consider whether it would be easier to understand the word if you wrote it in full. Check whether your degree programme has developed its own list of fixed abbreviations. See for example the rules and guidelines from the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health (in Danish).


The information about formalities is general guidelines. They do not replace the provisions in your academic regulations, your lecturers ' guidance or information on your course's website. First, please contact the above-mentioned locations. If in doubt, ask your supervisor.