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For some assignments, it can be relevant to end the assignment by considering its broader perspectives. 

This is particularly relevant in major independent assignments. Often, the conclusion addresses the broader perspectives, but a separate section after the conclusion may also be dedicated to such considerations. 

Read more about assignment structure. 

The purpose of the perspectives section is: 

  • to highlight the importance and relevance of the results of the assignment. 

  • to place the main findings of the assignment in a wider academic or societal context. Read about the academic assignment genre

  • to point out future actions to be taken or aspects to be examined further. 

The perspectives section should be based on what you have written 

Note that the perspectives section should be based on your own text and conclusion. This is not the place for grand theories or categorical claims that call for new evidence beyond your assignment. 

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How to write your perspectives section 

Are you uncertain about what to write in your perspectives section? Try nonstop writing. You may want to start all sentences with "The conclusion...". 

Ask for feedback 

Ask one or more fellow students to give you feedback on your perspectives section. Let them read your conclusion as well. 


The information about formalities is general guidelines. They do not replace the provisions in your academic regulations, your lecturers ' guidance or information on your course's website. First, please contact the above-mentioned locations. If in doubt, ask your supervisor.