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The conclusion winds up your academic assignment.  

In the conclusion, you tell your reader what you have found in your study/analysis, and why your findings are important. 

The conclusion should sum up your assignment. Therefore, it should not introduce new material. Another important aspect of the conclusion is to answer your research questions or hypothesis clearly and fully. 

A conclusion typically includes: 

Exactly what is included in the conclusion depends on the type of assignment.  

Write your conclusion

Do you find it difficult to get started on your conclusion? Try non-stop writing

Ask for feedback

Ask your fellow students to give you feedback on your conclusion. It is also a good idea to show them your introduction, so they can tell you whether your conclusion answers all the questions you asked in the introduction. 


The information about formalities is general guidelines. They do not replace the provisions in your academic regulations, your lecturers ' guidance or information on your course's website. First, please contact the above-mentioned locations. If in doubt, ask your supervisor.